Book: Dark Canyons

Eric Norway’s Dark Canyons is the story of two young Border Patrol Agents, Sergio Duran and Tom Harding. Sergio and Tom meet in the Border Patrol academy and quickly become best friends. Both had a rough upbringing and suffered personal loss, and while both have secret reasons for joining the Border Patrol, one’s intent is sinister. The two become inseparable through shared experiences of Border Patrol tradition, adventure, frustration, and danger. Sergio settles into the Border Patrol with his young family. Tom’s life, and that of his girlfriend Liz, spin out of control with drug use and growing conflict with influences from his childhood. Sergio and Tom unwittingly and unwillingly find themselves pitted against the other in the gritty dark canyons south of San Diego, in a scenario where there is no winner, and the loser faces prison or death.