Association of Federal Narcotics Agents
Foundation Scholarship 
Each of the Six AFNA Regions
will grant a $2,500.00 scholarship to the selectee
The application period is from:
January 1, 2021 to April 1, 2021

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The 2020 AFNA Foundation Scholarship winners have been chosen.

Once again we had an outstanding pool of candidates from around the country. We had 23 total applicants for the six AFNA regional scholarships ( MA-10; NE-5; W-4,SE-2,NC-1;SC-0). NC region had a repeat winner from 2019. Since the South Central region had no applicants, we transferred that slot over to the Mid Atlantic region where they had 10 applicants, so it was put to good use and awarded to a well deserving student.

Northeast Region Winner
Benjamin HOFFMAN (Sponsor- Father, Andrew Hoffman)

Mid Atlantic Region Winners
1- Caroline CAREY (Sponsor- Grandfather, Jerry Carey)
2- Kenna REICHNER (Sponsor- Father, Larry Reichner)

Southeast Region Winner
Juliana BONAVITA (Sponsor- Grandfather John Costanzo)

North Central Region Winner
Hanna VARENHORST-JOHNSON (Sponsor- Grandfather Harvey Varenhorst)

Western Region Winner
Abby HOYAL (Sponsor-Grandfather Ken Hoyal)

South Central Region Winner
No applicants; slot rolled over to the Mid Atlantic Region


Western Region
Mary Kohaut (Sponsor- George Halpin)
North Central Region
Hannah Varenhorst- Johnson (Sponsor- Harvey Varenhorst)
Northeastern Region
Two Winners
Madison Pasterchick (Sponsor- Mike Pasterchick)
Ryan Boyle (Sponsor- Brian Boyle)
Mid Atlantic Region
Two Winner
Taylor Kibble (Sponsor- Jimmy Kibble)
Kelli Hodnett (Sponsor- Tom Hodnett)
South Central Region
Hannah Nieves (Sponsor- Bobby Nieves)
Southeast Region
Brianna Jordan (Sponsor-John Mudri)


AFNA is proud to announce the awardees of the Second Annual AFNA Foundation Scholarships. These scholarships are given to the deserving sons, daughters, and grandchildren of AFNA National members.This year marked the increase of the scholarship amount to $2500. It was no surprise that the amount of applications increased dramatically making the decisions for the AFNA Scholarship Committee very difficult because of the outstanding applicant pool of talent, ability, and high level of  community service.

This year’s awards were given to an outstanding group of young men and women. The awardees have exhibited superior academic achievement, as well as giving of their time to assist others and supporting causes consistent with AFNA values.

Western Region

Sierra Nagle, daughter of Former Special Agent Scott Nagle- Barkersfield, California

North Central Region

Mark O’Reilly, son of Acting G/S Special Agent Chris O’Reilly- Chicago FD

Northeastern Region

Shirley Kruskall, daughter of Assoc SAC Keith Kruskall – New York FD

Mid Atlantic Region

Jenna Wilkerson, daughter of  Former Special Agent David Wilkerson- Kentucky

South Central Region
Faith Courville, granddaughter of Former Special Agent John Nattinger- Texas
Southeast Region (which had two $1250 winners since the winning applicants were so similar in scholastic and community service achievement)
Talia Bagley, granddaughter of Former Special Agent Mike Powers- Florida
Madeline Andrews, granddaughter of Former Special Agent Pete McVean- South Carolina
The following is an excerpt from what one scholarship winner communicated to the committee which highlights the meaning of the award:
I am so excited and appreciative about being awarded the 2018 AFNA Scholarship.  
I can’t tell you how valuable this scholarship is in financially helping me to make my educational dreams come true.  If possible, please forward my sincere appreciation to all of the directors of AFNA and all those who were involved in the selection process.  I promise I will be a good steward of this gift and thank you for your commitment in making our country safer and more drug free.
These are the awardees of the Second Annual AFNA Scholarships! All outstanding young men and women worthy of our applause!
Marty Maguire
AFNA Scholarship Chair
Northeast Region Winner
Shirley Kruskall- Sponsor Kieth Kruskall
Mid-Atlantic Region Winner
Jenna Wilkerson- Sponsor David Wilkerson
North Central Region Winner
Mark O’Reilly- Sponsor Christopher O’Reilly
South Central Region Winner
 Faith Courville- Sponsor John Nattinger (Grandfather)
Western Region Winner
Sierra Nagle- Sponsor Scott Nagle
Tie for Southeast Region Winner
 Talia Bagby- Sponsor Mike Powers (Grandfather)
Tie for Southeast Region Winner
Madeline Andrews- Sponsor Peter Mc Vean ( Grandfather)
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The 2017 awards were given to an outstanding group of young men and women. The awardees have exhibited superior academic achievement, as well as giving their time to assist others and support causes consistent with AFNA values.

Western Region
Caroline Escobar, daughter of RAC David Escobar, Fresno Resident Office
The check was presented by Fresno RAC Chris Coleman on the left, middle is retired RAC & AFNA member David Escobar, Caroline Escobar, and her mother , Assistant U.S. Attorney Karen Escobar.

Western Region
Selina Montoya, daughter of former Special Agent Eloy Montoya- New Mexico

Northeastern Region

Quentin Pasquarello, son of former Special Agent Tom Pasquarello- Massachusetts

Mid Atlantic Region

Lauren Snyder, daughter of Special Agent Mark Snyder- Virginia

Mid-Atlantic Region

Maya Rodgers, daughter of former Special Agent Bill Rodgers- Pennsylvania