LEO Round Table – January 29, 2018

Law enforcement experts discuss the opioid crisis, the politicization of the FBI, and more on the LEO Round Table. For more articles and videos visit jeffreyjameshiggins.com. Episode 464: Should Philadelphia Legalize Opioid Injection Sites? http://leoroundtable.com/taxpayer-funded-safe-injection-sites-solution-to-opioid-crisis-leo-round-table-episode-464/ Episode 465: Wearing Ballistic Vests / FBI Malfeasance?

LEO Round Table – November 27, 2017

Watch a drug lab blow up and other great video and discussion on the LEO Round Table. http://jeffreyjameshiggins.com/leo-round-table-november-27-2017/ Episode 410: Best States for Police / Court Rules against Trump http://leoroundtable.com/10-best-states-for-cops-to-work-in-what-are-they-leo-round-table-episode-410/ Episode 411: Officer Shoots Armed Suspect / Drug Lab Bombed http://leoroundtable.com/knife-man-approaches-police-on-video-before-being-fatally-shot-leo-round-table-episode-411/