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The below is from AFNA member Gary Fouse. He is working with the Wall of Faces project affiliated with the Vietnam Memorial Fund. They are attempting to locate photos of every US Serviceman killed in Vietnam. Gary is seeking AFNA’s help through members who are Vietnam Veterans. For further info members can contact Gary at
John A.Costanzo
Association of Federal Narcotics Agents
A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by a group of volunteer researchers working for the Wall of Faces project, affiliated with the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund. They are attempting to locate photos of every US soldier who was killed in Vietnam. These phoros would be used online and as part of the Vietnam War Museum in Washington. Of the 58,000+ killed in action, they have all but about 800 or so photos. The reason they contacted me was because I had written articles on my blog about two of my close high school friends who died in Vietnam. One of them was Michael Vinassa, for whom, they had no photo. In fact, locating Mike’s photo had been a daunting task. As you can see from the below article, we were able to find a photo of Mike from the 7th grade in 1959, which is now included in the Wall of Faces.
I have offered my help in finding other photos as much as time allows. In Mike’s case, I reached out to John Marcello, now a pi and he graciously worked pro bono to help. Unfortunately, as a pi, he is not able to access California Drivers Licenses, a resource, which could clear up a lot of these outstanding cases as far as photos are concerned. I don’t know what the policy is in other states.
I am wondering if AFNA could possibly post something about this, and possibly, some of our members, many of whom are vets and even Vietnam vets, could use their own contacts to possibly assist in an individual case from their own state. I don’t want in any way to burden AFNA or any of our members with an overbearing task, but if we know a person’s state of residence when they went off to Vietnam, somebody in AFNA from that state might be able to access information or open the right door. I would be happy to serve as a point of contact to transmit any information to and from Wall of Faces. Here is their web site:
My regards,
Gary Fouse
Wall of Faces Project

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