Do you no longer receive AFNA email or have access to the members only side of the AFNA website? It could mean that

1. your membership has elapsed due to non payment of dues. Annual dues are due by Jan. 1st (with a 60 day grace period). If you’d like to reinstate your membership to enjoy the many benefits of AFNA, simply click on JOIN US (if you pay your dues within the renewal period Oct. 1 – Jan. 1, you would click PAY DUES).

2. You have unsubscribed from the Constant Contact emails. You can re-subscribe by logging into the AFNA website and click “Sign Up Now” under

Some of the benefits of AFNA membership:

  • Annual AFNA National Conference
  • AFNA Foundation Annual Scholarship granting 6 regional winners (kids & grandkids) a $2,500 scholarship
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance Policy- Principal Sum: $5,000.00
  • Discounts & benefits from various vendors; new to the AFNA website!
  • Connecting you with producers and publishers working on projects involving DEA cases you’ve worked on.
  • Email blasts with important news & employment opportunities
  • Access to the AFNA website’s Membership & Business Directories
  • Support of the AFNA Foundation, the charitable wing of AFNA whose mission is to provide aid and assistance to members of AFNA, DEA, DEA Task Force Officers, and their families.
no longer receiving AFNA email & Can’t access the private side of the site?

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